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I take every skill, technique and approach I've experienced from a lifetime in professional storytelling, and make it usable, practical and inspirational in the business arena.

Pitch Training , Internal Presentations , Keynotes, Sales Presentations, TED Talks.

Every informal and spontaneous exchange wherein one human needs buy-in from another.

Two training areas. First, storytelling technique

Clear Structures for Crafting Your Most Powerful Pitch, Talk, Presentation.
Getting sharp and clear on your Objective... and learning how to go after it from to start to finish.
Starting Strong: Creating a Striking First Imperession.
Revealing and Maximizing Your Core Offering... and Adjusting your Approach for a Different Audience.
Sharing Your Plan, Mission, Strategy, Roadmap with Confidence and Command.
Releasing your Creativity and Personality within your Story, in order to Stand Out.


Beiersdorf Learning Program:
Virtual Training Series
for Internal Presentations


C-Level, VP and Senior Managers:

1-on-1 coaching and

training for their teams


Henkel Talks:
TED-Style format for a
global internal audience


Pitch Training for various
innovation and
Startup programs


Second, Performance & Presence Skills, Tips, Technique.
This is the point at which we take all the promise & potential of that idea, that message we've crafted...
and turn it into something that lights up in the minds and bodies of our listener.
One could also call it "delivery".... but we're doing more than delivering a message.
We're moving people to act.


4 Steps To Claim A Room In The First 30 seconds.
Your Perfect Speed and Cadence, for Clarity and Power.
Harnessing the Power of Your Emotional Life... While Staying Precise, Credible and in Command.
Landing Your Most Important Moments
Learning How To Vary Tone and Rhythm According To Your Business Audience, Context and Objective
Becoming a Master Of Silence.

Let's discuss on A Call

A rich and stimulating conversation is its own reward.

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