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I've spent a lifetime working with the lens, first as an actor
and, in recent years, running trainings and giving keynotes
out of my Vienna studio.

Performance on Camera is becoming ever

more vital for change
agents wanting visibility and

influence in their space.
I create a training space where

players work on two elements:
the freedom to be their most charismatic self,
and acquiring the technical skills and tricks that
can deliver that to the viewer.

Skills for the lens:

  • Activation on Camera: Elevating energy, alertness and presence from the first moment

  • Using the lens, not your screen: Speaking directly to the viewer to create far greater impact

  • Using the power of your imagination to create a “conversation”,

                                                             even when you're the only one speaking

  • Conversational Reality: transforming script into the feeling that you are

                                                                     indeed TALKING TO SOMEONE

  • Internal videos, YouTube videos: Simple, direct techniques for short-form storytelling...

                                                               and an editing approach to go with it

Let's discuss on A Call

A rich and stimulating conversation is its own reward.

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