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What happens when you bring me onto your physical or virtual stage?

It's a burst of difference that energizes your event.

It's likely you book speakers to enrich and expand your audience's perspective on a topic.

My take comes from two mutually-supportive experiences:
my life as a professional performer and storyteller.
Second, my life as a Trainer-Inspirer with leaders across every industry, space, culture, continent.

The topics? Anything related to ... communication, growth, evolution, change. That covers a lot,

I know. Would love to discuss with you.


Wavemakers Leadership Journey:
Creating A Space
for Your Authentic Power


The Door:
Developing Your
Fiercest Leadership Responses


2019 Annual Summit Keynote:
An Actor's View of Agility


Host and Moderator,
Startup Demo Day

Let's discuss on A Call

A rich and stimulating conversation is its own reward.

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